how to remove vinyl stickers

How To Remove Vinyl Stickers

Got an old vinyl sticker that’s overstayed its welcome?

Whether it’s on your car, laptop, mirror, or bedroom wall, sometimes a fresh start is just what we need.. Here’s your go-to guide to removing vinyl stickers without leaving a mess behind.

1. Heat It Up

This is our personal favourie for removing vinyl stickers  - First up, grab your hairdryer! Heat loosens the adhesive behind stickers, making them way easier to peel off. Hold the hairdryer close to the sticker and blast it on high for 30 seconds Keep it moving to avoid overheating any spot. No hairdryer? A heat gun or even hot, damp cloth can work wonders too! 

2. Peel Slowly

Now that your sticker’s all warmed up, it’s time to get peeling. Start at a corner and slowly pull it back at an angle. If you’re lucky, it’ll come off in one satisfying piece. If it starts to tear or leave residue, reheat and try again. Patience is your best friend here!

3. Sticky Residue? No Worries!

So you’ve got some gunk left over? No stress! We find that good old soapy water works wonders, or if thats not doing the trick dab a cloth in some rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or even cooking oil and gently rub it over the sticky areas. For tougher jobs, a little baking soda mixed with coconut oil can work like magic.

4. Wipe Down Clean

Once the sticker and residue are removed give the area a nice wipe-down with a clean, damp cloth. This will remove any leftover cleaning solution and make the surface sparkle.

Now that you’ve got a clean slate, why not replace that old sticker with something fresh and fabulous? Dive into our collection of funky and unique vinyl stickers or create your own custom quote vinyl sticker that really screams ‘YOU’ and deck out your space or gear with a new vibe! 


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