Adding Disco Balls To Your Decor!

Adding Disco Balls To Your Decor!

Disco balls, glitter balls, mirror balls... the shimmering staple of the dancefloor have made a big comeback and at Printed Weird we cannot get enough!
Add that retro disco vibe to your space, with mirrored accessories, decorative mirrors, wall art and accessories all celebrating the call of the disco ball!
Whether your redecorating a room, adorning a work space, adding sparkle to yoru home bar area or dressing table, looking for a unique gift for the disco diva in your life or want some party decor for your big day... we've got the disco ball decor for you!

Disco Ball Wall Mirrors

Mirror balls on mirror - whats not to love!!? 
Checkout our vast range of disco ball mirrors.

Disco Ball Mini Mirrors

Great space fillers on that gallery wall, a perfect gift, or wedding favour!
Our mini mirrors are 15cm but can also be customised to 30cm if better fits your space.
Planet Disco mini Mirrors SHOP HERE 
Our Original and best-selling disco ball mini mirror can be customised in colour to suit your space and taste! Get yours HERE


Disco Ball Vinyl Decal Stickers

These disco ball decal stickers are perfect to add to your existing mirrors, water bottle, laptop - even walls and furniture -  any flat smooth surface - the possibilities are endless!!! 

Our newest addition to our vinyl decal sticker sets, available in two different sizes. Start disco-balling your surfaces now - get the silver ones HERE or the gold ones HERE!
Add a disco ball slogan vinyl decal stickers - adding a pop of colour and a focal talking point to your surface! Let's Boogie HERE or disco heaven HERE!

Disco Ball Wall Art Posters

The call of the disco ball extends to our wall prints too - SHOP THEM COLLECTION HERE  in a range of sizes and colours, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your wall!

Disco Ball Plant Sticks
Add a touch of sparkle to your plant babies - indoor or out - our plant sticks are weather proof and come in a range of styles including these disco ball beauties. Ideal for plant lovers and disco ball enthusiasts alike, a unique gift for any special occassion. A subtle decoration to add disco to all areas of your home.
Our newest addition to the plant sticks, this realistic disco ball is a fab addition to any plant pot or flower bed.
Available in a vast range of colours this disco ball plant stick can be personalised to suit whatever your colour scheme may be!
Create an ecclectic wall of art, combining unique shaped mirrors of differing sizes, colours and styles mixed with prints that reflect your vibe. 
Disco balls are a versitile decor element that can suit any style, from retro to modern. They're not just for partys, they can bring life and energy to everyday spaces.
When it comes to disco balls, there are no rules - it's all about what makes you happy!
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