How To Apply Vinyl Stickers

How To Apply Vinyl Stickers


Applying vinyl stickers or decals is a fun way to decorate various surfaces like mirrors, windows, walls, laptops, even cars! and more. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply vinyl stickers:

1. Clean the Area: Wipe and dry off the surface where you want to place the sticker. Remove any dust, wax, or debris. If it’s especially dirty, use a damp towel with a pea-sized amount of delicate soap to clean it. Spray Soapy Water 


2. Slowly Peel Away the Backing Tape: Use your thumb and pointer finger to remove the backing paper from the sticker. Go slowly as vinyl can rip!


3. Apply the Sticker: Place the sticker on the surface lightly, then smooth over the backing and press the outer edges into place. Aim for a fluid motion to prevent air bubbles. 


4. Remove Transfer Paper (again slowly!): Once the sticker is in position, peel off the back transfer paper to reveal your finished vinyl decal

 Happy vinyling!

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