Renter Friendly Decorating: How to Add Personality Without Sacrificing Your Deposit

Renter Friendly Decorating: How to Add Personality Without Sacrificing Your Deposit

As a renter, decorating your space can be both exciting and challenging. You want to infuse your personality into your home, but you also need to ensure that your decor choices won’t damage the walls or violate your lease agreement. Fear not! Here’s a Printed Weird guide to creating stylish and renter friendly wall decor using funky shaped mirrors, light switch covers, wall art, and vinyl stickers.

Funky Mirrors
Funky mirrors are versatile and can instantly brighten up a room. All of our mirrors are acrylic and come with command strips, ideal for renter friendly decorating as they can be easily removed leaving no damage or residue.

For a playful twist, consider some of our top selling wall mirrors:


Retro Disco Motel Sign  These retro motel sign-inspired mirrors add a touch of glam and create a focal point.


Mini Mirrors: Affordable and customisable mini disc fun mirrors can add visual interest to your walls and can be arranged to create a gallery wall.


Beer motel / Disco cherries / iconic frilly heart
Retro Mirrors: quirky & cool designs.

Installation Tip: most of our mirrors come with command strips to hang without damaging the walls. They provide a secure hold and are easy to remove when it’s time to move out.

Light Switch Covers
Don’t neglect the small details! Light switch covers are an often overlooked opportunity for decor: 


Our light switch covers come in a wide array shapes, colours and designs.Command strip tabs make it just as easy to remove as it is to install making them the perfect addition to rental decor.

Vinyl Decals and Stickers

Our decorative vinyl bundles come in loads of different of styles and colours. From floral patterns to quirky designs, there’s something for every style.
Get creative by adding stickers to existing mirrors, door surrounds or even decorate your appliances!


Our vinyl sticker bundle packs are a great way to decorate your rental home

Installation Tip: Peel-and-stick options adhere well to most surfaces and won’t damage the paint. Plus, they’re easy to reposition if you change your mind.

Quote Stickers: Choose motivational quotes, song lyrics, or witty phrases.

Installation Tip: Apply vinyl stickers directly to the wall, furniture, or even your laptop. When it’s time to move, peel them off without leaving residue.

Wall Art 
Express yourself with our blobby wall art frames that don't require any nails and won’t leave any marks : command strips make it easy to install and remove - in a variety of colours and A5 or A4 size, also budget friendly as every blobby frame comes with a free print!


Tea towels can double up as wall art add texture and warmth to your walls.

Decorating your rented space doesn’t have to be bland. With funky shaped mirrors, light switch covers, wall art, and vinyl stickers, you can transform your walls while keeping your deposit intact. So go ahead, express your style, and make your rental feel like home! 🏠✨ 

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